Redfield Consulting has a distinct philosophy. This manifesto sets out our three axioms, which we believe differentiate us from other consultancies.

Added value. Redfield is in business to help its clients add value. If we can't add value, we shouldn't be working for you. We prefer to back up our words with actions, by having our fees directly linked to added value, to ensure alignment of interest.

Long-term relationships. Redfield seeks to develop lasting relationships with its clients. This allows us to develop a deep understanding of our clients' needs, priorities and culture.

Real advice. Redfield delivers advice with an underlying appreciation of the tensions between the 'hard' and 'soft' sides of business issues. With a focus on soft cultural issues as well as a capacity for sophisticated business analysis, we can deliver advice which works in the real world.

Redfield also publishes the Red Book - a comprehensive commercial review of renewables projects in the UK, the Value of ROCs Model - a detailed and sophisticated model for assessing future ROC values.

More than just wind...